Födelsedatum/Birth date: 2017-04-04

  • Tik/Dame: SweCh, RuCh JWW-2014 Carddicted Just Watch Me, "Dottie"
  • Hane/Sire: CIB, NLch, Seuch, Dkuch, Nuch, Luxch, Czch, Waggerland Keep Smiling, "Indy"
  • Carddicted Runs On Batteries, "Ralf"
  • Carddicted Ring Of Fire, "Ringo"
  • Seuch, HUch Carddicted Rock N Joll, "Zorro"
  • Carddicted Return To Sender, "Tintin"
  • Carddicted Read My Lips, "Olga"
  • SE UCH Carddicted Re Match, "Beirut"
  • Carddicted Rim Shakil, "Selma"